Aches and Praise Two Hundred & Eighty

Dear friends,


Have you ever thought that what you have experienced or are experiencing now helps you better understand what others are going through? At different times in the past week I have had some pain in my left leg and it helped me to think about what friends and relatives are facing, as they cope with muscle pain and back pain.

In recent weeks, I wrote that several people are battling illness and difficult situations. This week I learned that a few more friends need our prayers. Dr. Joe Harvey, who serves in the Republic of Congo with his wife Rebecca, wrote that he has a recurrence of multiple sclerosis. There are pressing needs in the Pioneer Christian Hospital in Impfondo. To find out more, please visit:
You may recall that a young lady named Elisa came to Montreal a few years ago to complete her education. She also translated Bible courses for the ministry of U B David ( The pastor and his wife (whom Karen has known for many years) who informed us of Elisa’s visit are facing health challenges. Randy has ALS and Sandy is scheduled to have an operation on her back tomorrow.

This morning, Pastor Michel Martel came to the recording studio in Châteauguay to record messages entitled “Un grand consolateur” (“A great comforter”). Please pray that those who listen to the preaching of God’s Word in the broadcasts of “La Voix de l’Évangile” will  trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and grow in the grace of God.        

Scripture for the weekend:  “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 (NASB)  
Thought for the weekend: “Evangelist Billy Sunday used to say that sinners cannot find God for the same reason criminals cannot find policemen: They aren’t looking!” – Warren W. Wiersbe (from his book “God Isn’t in a Hurry”)


By His grace,