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Who are we?
La Voix de l’Évangile, Quebec is a vital part of the extensive radio work of Global Outreach Mission which reaches into many French-speaking countries of the world.

The ministry began in 1955 in the Back to the Bible Broadcast studios in Lincoln, Nebraska through a staff member who spoke French fluently and had a burden for the French-speaking people of the world. An office was soon established in Aix-en-Provence in France.

In 1974 an office was opened in Chateauguay, Quebec, under the direction of Global Outreach Mission representatives, Clarence and Pearl Shelly. Starting with one radio station in Montreal, the network has expanded to a total network of 9 stations throughout Quebec as well as northern Ontario, New Brunswick and New York. Stephen and Karen Frank, also Global Outreach Mission representatives, work full-time in the radio follow-up office.

The weekly French-language 15-minute broadcast features Pastor Michel Martel, a Quebec evangelist who faithfully teaches the Word of God. Audio messages on cassette are available at a reasonable cost as well as approximately 40 books in French on the Christian life.

Action Mondiale d'Evangelisation (Quebec) Inc. is the name of the Quebec incorporation of Global Outreach Mission.
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La Voix de l'Évangile
P.O. Box 125
Chateauguay, QC
J6J 4Z5

Tel: (450) 699-7308




La Voix de l'Évangile, Québec is a ministry of Action Mondiale d'Evangélisation (Québec) Inc.